"After 3 years of post-cancer aches and pains, I have finally found a yoga class that I can enjoy!  Jill's therapeutic yoga class is incredible.  With gentle stretching from head to toe, I walk out feeling amazing...both mentally and physically.  I have gotten stronger and more confident in my body's ability to heal.  Jill has a gift that I am forever grateful for."

-Beth T.


"Jill is an enthusiastic and caring instructor who is always careful to let us know with each pose what we are trying to accomplish and to demonstrate step by step what we will do before we do it.  Importantly, she clearly goes over what not to do to avoid injury.  I never have the feeling of trying to catch up with what the class is doing.  Other instructors talk about the importance of the breath.  Jill makes sure we connect with it at the start of the class and gently reminds us to stay connected throughout the practice.  She is equally helpful about quieting the busy mind and staying present and focused.  Her playful sense of humor is ever present, and I leave every class more centered, refreshed, and joyful because her joy in teaching is contagious.  Over time, therapeutic yoga with Jill has been just that...reduced pain medications, increased flexibility, strength, and balance, and improved mindfulness that carries over into the rest of my life.  I am simply grateful that I have the opportunity to practice yoga with her."

-Rob J.


"Jill's class has changed the way I move, I sit, I walk, and how I carry myself.  My lower back injury is no longer a bother since I started taking her class more than two years ago.  Her energy is deep and light, and she makes every Friday a joy for her entire class, all of whom are tremendously grateful to have access to her wisdom."

-Tina B.


"I am a regular in Jill's Friday Therapeutic Yoga class in which Jill has created an atmosphere of acceptance, healing, spirituality and fun.  Her passion for therapeutic yoga, for her students, and for personal growth is apparent in her expertise, enthusiasm, curiosity, and kindness.  Also, I have taken a series of private sessions with Jill in my home to deal with my scoliosis, and I have felt confident in her assessment and her advice that is based on the client's needs and self-knowledge.  At the end of each yoga class we focus on being grateful for our yoga practice, and I always think how grateful I am that Jill is my teacher."

-Susan G.


"When I started yoga, I had no idea what to expect.  I didn't know what the class names meant, so I just signed up and tried them out.  Most classes my studio offered were hatha and vinyasa, and I had a terrible time trying to keep up.  By the time I mentally processed a teacher's instruction she was on to the next thing, so instead I watched and tried to copy the other students.  It was most unsatisfying.  Then one day I signed up for Jill's class, and I found a home.  Jill's instructions are so clear, I like to say that her students could wear a blindfold and still perform the movements perfectly.  She breaks down the poses so you know exactly what each part of you is supposed to be doing.  These details are important, but are lacking in the faster classes, to the detriment of the practice I think.  Yoga positions - asanas - are precisely designed, and Jill's teaching style honors that.  You will stretch, you will build muscle, you will improve your balance, and once in a while you will work out the 'knots' using therapy balls.  Whatever Jill is doing, you will always have an evenly-paced, anxiety-free experience and feel beautifully restored afterwards."

-Karen M.


"Whether I take Jill's weekly classes, extended workshops or the expanded weekend retreats, I feel restored, at ease and ready to tackle my life.  Her teaching is grounded in safe practices so that any level yogi can benefit.  What a gift!"

-Kris T.


"Walking into Jill's therapeutic yoga class after a 10 year hiatus from yoga, I was feeling a bit pesimistic about any yoga class that could help my body's aches and chronic pains.  At 45 years old, I had grown jaded of any class that could help ease my pains especially after injuring myself in a hot yoga class long ago.  I'm truly proud and thankfull to say Jill's class changed my point of view and my ailing body after the first class.  Leaving that class I felt almost euphoric, I hadn't focused on my breathing or my body with so much care for as long as I could remember, if ever.  Jill's calm disposition and obvious love for the body's muscular system is second to none and lets one have the confidence to let go and truly sink into her therapeutic yoga practice.  My body is far from structurally sound after 3 decades of skateboarding (20 of those years professionally), but I put on what Jill calls my 'yoga glasses' and I don't compete with or compare myself to anyone else in the class.  As Jill leads us through the remainder of our practice, I can feel years of built up pain start to unfold.  As the class gets in tune with their breathing, Jill often says, 'there is no where else to be.'  And as far as caring for my body and my general well being at that moment and for the remainder of the class, there is truthfully nowhere else I'd rather be."

-Max S.


"Therapeutic yoga with Jill has literally been a lifesaver.  I started attending her class 2 years ago when I was in a rocky emotional place in my life.  Within 3 months, I had mastered deep breathing and felt much more centered.  Jill is an amazing yoga teacher with a gentle practice that takes into account both mind and body.  I leave each class feeling refreshed emotionally and spiritually as well as feeling relaxed and grounded.  I look forward to her class because of her humor, non-judgemental stance about abilities, and intuition with everyone's needs.  She is truly a special teacher who always sprinkles in education to help her yogis learn about the process.  I am eternally grateful to her for her wisdom, dynamic and engaging classes, welcoming personality, and special attention to slowing things down to go deeper."

-Emily K.


"I've had the pleasure of attending Jill's therapeutic yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions since 2017.  My increased flexibility, mobility and balance are cherished.  Jill's a passionate, professional teacher who possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge which transfers to all yogis who have the fortunate experience of holding space with Jill as their instructor.  Being mindful of individual needs, she provides level options.  Classes, workshops and sessions are at a gentle pace with clear instructions.  Yogis can easily recall Jill's opening warm-up sequence in order to take a few minutes at work, home, or anywhere to realign, release or rejuvenate.  She creates an atmosphere where questions are always encouraged and welcomed.  Your body will thank you!"

-Vickie M.